SCOSTEP Visiting Scholar (SVS) Program

The objective of the SVS Program is to provide training to young scientists and graduate students from developing countries in well-established solar terrestrial physics laboratories and institutions, for periods of between one and three months. The aim is to fund four scholars each year, one related to each of the four SCOSTEP VarSITI themes. The training will help the young scientists to advance their career in solar terrestrial physics using the technique/skill they learned during the training. SCOSTEP will provide the airfare, while it is expected that the hosting lab will provide the living expenses (accommodation, sustenance, ground transportation, visa fees and other incidentals).
In ISEE, Center for International Collaborative Research (CICR) provides logistic support for this program.

SVS 2018 Recipients in ISEE

Name Affiliation Country
Kateryna D. Aksonova
Institute of Radio Astronomy,
National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine
Sneha Yadav
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Space Physics Laboratory India

SVS 2017 Recipient in ISEE

Name Affiliation Country

Dr. Uma Das
Department of Physics,
Indian Institute of Information Technology

SVS 2016 Recipient in ISEE

Name Affiliation Country

Dr. S.G. Sumod
Sacred Heart College Mahatma Gandhi University India

SVS 2015 Recipients in ISEE

Name Affiliation Country

Tay Nguyen University Vietnam

THOMAS, Neethal
Indian Inst. Geomagnet India